Oct 16 2013 Wednesday

Another stay-home-working-morning.

I was failed to wake up early again. Actually I woke up at 6:30am, but then…not surprisingly I back to sleep after…and I failed to wake up from the alarm….I was just keep snoozing the alarm for almost an hour….I couldnt wake up after pres morning call too..What is the problem of mine?

I worked a bit at home in the morning, then I went to mom office and wanted to have lunch with her. However I saw her boss when I arrived her office and I have to wait for 1.5 hour in order to have lunch with mom. We went to a newly opened noodles shop, ordered two bowls of noodles ( I had a very spicy for mine one). The noodles were good!

Then I went to office….I don;t remember what was I doing but I was soooo busy all the time at office. I talked to Gaby for the new orders, re arranging a new system for our ordering…Hmm….btw, Edmond told me that our company might need to hire a helper who could handle the daily admin work…Well, i know we need someone who can help me, so that I could do more sale related activity instead of doing boring admins work. But..I concern about money now…

I gave the lego i bought to pres. Hope he likes them lah…

Then I went home with wai wai…i told her about my birthday event, and I told her that Im very very stressed recently…freaking easy to be nervous and stressed out. Then she gave me a essential oil immediately..which is specifically for reducing stress. At the moment that she gave me that oil, I was so touched and I wanted to cry…She is really really amazing, i feel so thankful to have her as my closed friend.

At night… i was crying again…..

I think i might be a bit depressed recently…I just can’t help to stop worring and feeling stressed and bad. I just wanna cry out loud sometimes….(not in front of people, just myself)…I feel so tiring and sad…What should I do? 😦




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