Another week

time really fries….Well, I would say, if you are really on a budget and you feel the financial pressure, you just stop all the urge to spend money. Well,,,,, half month has pass and i found out i merely spend money each day (except for transportation that I couldn’t escape). My mission of the day is just, try to spend nth for a day. Not even for a lunch. And I found out it is actually not hard to accomplish.

This Monday (Oct 21) a new helper come to help. She is called rita too and she looks pretty smart. I am happy to have her, but just a bit concern about the money tho….

Tuesday, well….when i checked my calendar on iphone and try to figure out what have I done, I see nth on my calendar and I found out that, Im just working very busy and overwhelmed, but actually i really don’t know what have i done. I guess I was preparing stuff for rita again. Oh…one thing that makes me very sad for the night was, I got a text from client saying they don’t like our painting….</3 It broke my heart and I couldnt sleep.

Thursday, today….I went to Tsuen wan to meet Ruisha and her mom dad for helping renewing her chinese visa. Well the visa thing goes very smooth. But then we went to fortress hill aia tower for her premium payment. But we sadly we couldn’t settle it coz they only accept aia credit card….Well, i always think thankful that im not an agent anymore. I just dont like the job natures and the very approaching style. At the lunch, Ruisha mom said one sentence that really broke my heart..(I know my heart is so weak). She felt bad for an waiter who can only earn 10k per month….and she wonder I could learn a lot more. And then she said, if im not getting at least few 10ks a month, I am blamed and not worth for the oversea university…..

I am very sad now again….I can feel more love and more care from my family. Mom and dad are really awesome. I feel a lot of love from them. Dad helped me to massage my feets last night, and I helped him to just put some cream on his back….I saw the old skin and rough skin on my dad shoulder. I feel extremely bad and guilty….I don’t know who can I talk to …I feel so angry for myself…coz i m letting dad to work at mk again. I feel awful that hes gonna give up his retirement time and work 12 hours shift again. My dad got way more pay than me…….:(

I m so guilty and dropping tears at this moment….


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