Hong Kong Disneyland (AGAIN?)

I can’t number how many times I have visited to Hong Kong Disneyland!

But I JUST LOVE this place!


@ Toy Story Land


@ TomorrowLand


I will go again in Jan 2014 hahahahah….


The escape plan

I had spent so much time on the canvas effect today. I hope clients will like it!


Haha I thought that was cute!


What’s I’m having for dinner???⋯a tuna salad bun! But it was nice to watch the kids playing hockey on the skating area:)!After the bread dinner, I watched <>, that was an intense movie!!

I like the element shopping mall! It’s not like the other malls in Kowloon which are full of people! I’m not gonna spend money on shopping anyways! So that doesn’t matter to me for all the luxury stores! 🙂 plus, it has good cafe, cinema and bookstore there. I can kill time easily!

I was at habitu working 🙂



Aggie & Alan Big Day

最近有幸去很多囍宴,見証住好多人對!這新娘本來也是做WEDDING PLANNER的,所以所有安排都突別細心!

好開心AGGIE 好鐘意我們的手繪油畫,用我們為她做的油畫來佈置 🙂

560116_10152053882582697_210095621_n 581264_10152053882642697_1601227982_n 995534_10152053882667697_106161289_n1451360_10152053882437697_978028234_n

還認識了很多她的 青年創業軍 的朋友!大家都要努力呀!

他們有句SLOGAN: 「青年創業軍,莫欺少年窮!」

祝AGGIE 與她老公 ALAN永遠幸福,開開心心,甜甜蜜蜜,早生貴子!!