2013 new year eve


I was so freaking sad last night, was crying on the street and then on the train, felt so disappointed…..

After a good sleep (I usually get a very good sleep after crying), in the morning of Jan 1st, 2014, I uploaded my sailing picture and write this on my facebook:

Good morning and Happy new year my dear friends! Didn’t go to party last night coz I planned to wake up early on the first day of the year 2014!!

My only resolution for the new year is to sleep early wake early, in hoping to do better time management and I can then do more stuff that I want. 😉

I was counting down for 2014 and watching firework, and I felt super complicated last night…… 2013 was quite tough for me, lots of big challenges happened and sometimes I feel very disappointed, confused and stressed. But I also had lots of good times in 2013 too, I met lots of good people and had lots of good opportunities and good experience.

I am thankful to have my lovely mom and dad, Mabel, all of my old friends and new friends I met this year! I am thankful to have many opportunities to step out of my comfort zone, to gain lots of experience and learnings. This year I felt like I have grown up a lot. (HAHA not like a stupid low b girl as before, do you agree my friends? :P)

Thank you all very much for the support and care. I love my awesome family and friends. I will add oil in 2014!

I hope everything will be better in the 2014!! Wish you all the best in the year 2014! Do whatever you wanna do this year, always happy and healthy! 😀



I hope the big day next time (my birthday, new year eve etc), I will be happily celebrating…..I am not expecting a big surprise or especially happy, but at least don’t make me especially sad and cry okay??


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