Being model again

Today went to tko for the worship for my grandpa and grandma. This was Mabel first time doing the worship after grandma passed away. This was really heartbreaking….

Then we yam cha with uncle, and went to the affortable art fair again. I bought mom and dad and Mabel in too. That was really interesting fair. Suddenly Amy called me suddenly when we were walking around at the art fair… She said she need model with long hair very very urgently and asked me to taxi to their site.

So…. Yea, I was helping to do camera test for a Pantene shampoo tv commercial by 湯唯 ( a famous Chinese movie actress). It turns out I had been helping them until 11:30pm (6 hours) and I skip my dinner. But it was really fun experience, yet very challenging as they are very demanding and most of the film was slow motions.

Now I’m so tired….. Needa sleep!



Big crush. Two projects.

I got a big crush today. In my mind, there are two big projects that I wanna make it happen. I’m not sure if I’m too crazy to have this idea but I really really wanna make it happen.

Another smaller and easier project, I guess I’ll just start this right away. I wanna have some contribution to the society,

Wish me luck!


我開始連自己都懶得氹。今日經過老地方,自己又不是趕時間,我都懶得停下來歇一歇。如果是以前,即使山長水遠我也會特地去坐坐。 我確實發現自己不同了。好的方面算是縱容自己少了,但壞的那一面是我比從前少了注意自己的情緒及思想,給自己少了自由及私人空間。



最近,我覺得每一方面都很濕濟,好迷失,原來以為3月會好一點,但3月過了一半問題仍是這樣的,實在令我無從接受。 就是這樣,心情只能一定沈沈的,不過,我確信一切都會好起來的,所以仍要繼續,只好向前走。加油!